Real Estate Agents – How to Obtain a Real Estate License

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The process to obtain a real estate license varies from one state to another, therefore, before you even think about starting, you should consider the things that will be required to make them specific to your state.

However, despite this, there are still some fairly standard steps that all agents must follow to obtain a license. Follow these steps and apply them appropriately to your location and you should be able to work as an agent immediately.

Your education

Once you have done the research to know the requirements for real estate practice in your state, you should continue to educate yourself. Be sure to enroll in a fully accredited school and that the school can meet the requirements of the state in which it is located. Once you enter, you obviously need to complete the course that was provided and obtain the corresponding certification to prove that you passed

Be tested

Many schools will not provide the tests themselves, and the actual exam will be transported by a third party that has been approved by the state. You need to know where the test centers are in your state and know where you should go at all times.

After that, you must be prepared to pass a national and local exam, which is administered differently from one state to another. Be sure to ask questions if you don’t know what to do, since each test center should be able to give you more information. Always be sure to take the identification to the test and try to pass any simulation test that the center provides.


Passing the course is not all that needs to be done. Once you are qualified, you must request to become a real estate agent. You should be able to find the relevant forms online with a little help, or you can get advice from your school. Then, you just have to fill in the form correctly and make sure you send it with all the corresponding fees.

Background checks

Most states will require a background check before you are allowed to work as a real estate agent, which generally involves taking your fingerprint and checking your criminal history. Keep in mind that some crimes will prevent you from becoming an agent. Also, this process can often take a while, so be sure to start as soon as possible so you can finish the check on time.

Error and omission insurance

While not all states require you to have this form of insurance to practice, you will find that the vast majority do. If you know you need it, do not delay with your application. In many cases, you will be asked to have this insurance in force before you can obtain your license.