Know the 8 steps that Real Estate agents follow, to start earning money


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According to Wikipedia, the real estate agent “Is a natural or legal person who is dedicated to providing mediation, advice and management services in real estate transactions related to: the sale, rental, exchange or transfer of real estate and its corresponding rights, including the constitution of these rights. “

How do you know the real estate profession has several branches, you can sell houses, businesses, etc. Earning money is what every human being wants because it allows you to survive, paying for your health, social welfare and the wishes of the family.

These are the niches in which real estate agents can work:

1.- Land, apartments and houses for residential and family use
2.- Land, houses and office buildings.
3.- Land for industrial use.
4.- Land for commercial use.
5.- Rustic or agro-industrial land.

Upon obtaining the Real Estate license in Florida, it will come with inactive status, which means that it must be activated by placing it with a BROKER.

They usually receive invitations from all known real estate firms, to be part of their team, with this type of agreement you don’t receive a salary or salary, they usually hire you as an independent contractor.

As an independent sales associate, they generate a commission according to the SPLIT that you have negotiated with your broker. Generally, most companies offer a 50-50 split, this increases as you gain experience, in some cases the most experienced agents can get up to 100% commission in exchange for a fee.

These are the 8 steps that agents follow to start earning money:

  1. They are trained to obtain the Real Estate license
  2. They choose in which niche of the Real Estate they want to work
  3. They look for a Real Estate agency to work, and also activate their license.
  4. Agree on commissions that benefit them and the company.
  5. They begin to attract customers, taking into account the needs of their client. If you want to know how it is done click here to read the post.
  6. Use tools that allow you to have all your documents wherever and whenever you want. Know the tools that I recommend using click here
  7. Sales tricks apply. If you have not yet bought the masterclass that was on offer, you can buy it now for $ 85 and there you will learn effective tricks in any area and in Real Estate that allow you to generate sales. To buy this masterclass click here
  8. They do not lose faith and although at the beginning it is difficult to start.

As you see it is a long way, but real estate agents manage to recover the investment.